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Grace Patterson is a 23 year old queer filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area. Patterson primarily works in video and installation. Her experimental films explore topics such as her grandma’s involvement in the psychic emergence movement of the 1970s, Patterson grappling with her own grief in relation to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, to her grandpa coping with his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Since 2015 she has been directing, editing, and producing short films. Her films have been featured in many film festivals around the world, ranging from the Bright Ideas Film Festival in Berkeley, CA, to the Katalyst Film Event in London. She graduated from Mills College in Spring 2021 with a BA in Art & Technology and a BA in Communication.

Film Festivals and Screenings


"Paper Planes"

Reel Stories Student Film Festival, Oakland, CA, 2015

SLED SHORTIES Film Festival, San Leandro, CA, 2016

"Mamacita's Cafe"

Reel Stories Student Film Festival, Oakland, CA, 2016

"After The Storm"

Reel Stories Student Film Festival, Berkeley, CA, 2017

Bay Area International Children's Film Festival, Oakland, CA, 2018

"Oaklandish: More Than a Shirt"

RedBull Amaphiko's Oakland Cuts, Oakland, CA, 2018

"Advice from Beyond With Psychic Petey Stevens"

The Katalyst Film Event, London, 2020

"I Too Am A Lucky Man: Living With Parkinson's Disease"

Bright Ideas Film Festival, Berkeley, CA, 2019

International Rare Disease Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2021


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